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The power of one.

Every person, armed with the right knowledge can create tremendous change for themselves and across the organization.

The story of the logo.

The logo of Chrysalis is a unique mark that tells the story of what we stand for. The logo is a vignette of a larger ripple effect. We may only see a small part of it, but the work we do has a far-reaching impact. The more effort we put, further will the ripples go.

The logo also resembles a fingerprint. We make a unique and indelible mark on the people we touch through our work.

The new logo has clean cut lines and is contained within a circle - this represents the duality of our working environments - the structured environments of our client organizations and the warm enveloping culture of our own.

The new logo is modern and clear, simple and strong.

The Brand Proposition.

What do we do?

We provide bespoke learning solutions.

Why do clients choose us ahead of others?

We create measurable impact through our learning solutions.

The Chrysalis Mission.

To be the compelling choice in
learning solutions.

We will become the compelling choice:

for our clients only when our learning solutions are valued for the results, they achieve.

for our people only when they can learn, grow and prosper.

for our shareholders only when we deliver sustainable growth & governance.

for our business associates only when they are respected and grow with us.

The Brand Values.


We will do what we love and love what we do.


Our sum of whole will be greater than sum of our parts.


We will do what is right, each time, every time.


We will not lose our sense of humour.


Our actions will be relied upon with certainty.